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Founded in 1945, Buchart Horn has been a leader in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex engineering and architectural challenges while safely delivering water resources/environmental, architectural and transportation projects.
Print-O-Stat Logo
Since 1954, Print-O-Stat has been the leading provider of products and services for a variety of businesses, including Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing, Design, and many others both large and small.

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PACE Resources Federal Credit Union has as its mission the responsibility for providing an efficient, effective, and well-managed financial institution that meets the needs of its membership.


About PACE Resources

PACE Resources, Inc. was founded by the late Russell E. Horn Sr. P.E. on November 1, 1970 to oversee its operating companies and offer management support services and oversite to these professional and retail businesses.

In 2015, based on strategic priorities and under the guidance of the late Russell E. Horn Jr., PACE Resources continued its evolution and integrated some of the administrative support services to the operating companies to better serve their needs.

Through its headquarters in York, PA, the executive and support staff at PACE Resources provides for each company’s needs in financial services and human resources. PACE Resources’ operating companies include Buchart Horn, Inc. and Buchart Horn GmbH, the engineering, architecture, and planning firm, and Print-O-Stat, the leading solutions provider of products and services for a variety of businesses and industries including construction, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and design as well as retail consumers. PACE Resources operating companies have locations throughout the United States and Germany.
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